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    Exploring and shifting the traditional definitions of imagery's meaning or mood through narrative construction or deconstruction of photographs, text, and moving images, is the origin of my work. Boiling down and reducing elements to be examined, used again and or presented raw is probably the thread of commonality all my work shares.
    The issues of historical and contemporary gender roles, family, and personal history, serve as the underlying thematic layers.
    The importance of not allowing the work to become totally self-referential to the process is paramount to the disintegration of the myth that the digital process must look like a digital process. While the use of old or found images in my work presents a certain level of nostalgia, I am seeking to move further than a narrative derived from the usage of historical imagery. In fact, by bringing history back into the discourse I am looking to further the language and the view of technology of the digital age.
    I make use of a variety of techniques to create my work, including drawing, photography, collage, and video. Whether still or moving imagery, working on computers and computer based systems is a consistent element of my work. While the computer doesn't have the tactile feel of traditional materials and tools, it does have an capability for very precise control over imagery. This control and these systems allow for a greater exploration of the work and of the aesthetics as it relates to computer generated/manipulated images.
    Tintin23x is a graduate of CalArts (MFA-'91)
    He maintained an open studio gallery space in Williamsburg Bklyn throughout the mid 90's. Some of his videos have been included in highly prestigious festivals such as the New York Expo of Short Film & Video. He currently maintains his secret identity among the artisians within New York's television and advertising world waiting for those few perfect moments to subvert it.
    All of the images are protected by copyright. The rights are retained by the artist and may not be distributed, modified or used for any commercial purpose without written consent of the artist.